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It's still published under the WotC Fan Content Policy. It being a Savage Worlds licensed product just means I can accept donations and such while also making it freely available. It might even be available as a POD as well.

Tonight I continued work on the update to for , specifically dragonshards focus items. Because the lock power in the Savage Worlds Fantasy companion requires a pass phrase to bypass it, I've converted the keycharm to being a form of two-factor authentication. Not only do you need to know the passphrase, but you also need to have the keycharm on your person as well.

Looking for an official feed of the unofficial translation of ? Well, you found it (and avoided the confusion power I just tried to activate!).

Going forward, announcements and updates regarding this on-going project will be posted here (and you might even catch an invite to online play-test sessions via ).

Get the latest version of the living documents here:

Plugging away at converting some of 's dragonmark focus items to . Some just come together effortlessly, others require reimagining. It's a bit of a challenge, but fun.

Art by the designer of the Eberron Campaign Setting's cover.

I like to imagine this is art made by a Cyran artist who drew inspiration from the indigenous peoples of Khorvaire, or art directly of those cultures.

My to-do list for overhauling for using the Fantasy Companion has gotten much shorter lately.

Posted this on Discord last week, but I thought it was funny enough to share it here.

That moment when you realize you spent hours designing Edges that pretty much emulate powers that the given character would already have access to. 🤦

It's now 18. Here's the list so far:
- Artifice
- Charm (Passion)
- Civilization (Community, Commerce)
- Death (Decay, Necromancer)
- ​Destruction (Chaos, Evil, Madness)
- Elemental (Air, Earth, Fire, Water)​
- Exorcism
- Life (Deathless, Feast, Healing​)
- Luck
- Magic
- Meditation
- Nature (Animal, Plant, Weather)
​- Protection (Good, Law, Strength)
- Shadow
- Sun
​- Travel
- Trickery
- War

My next step is to map powers to each. Some might get pruned if they seem to not be worth keeping.

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So the original list of Domains I was working with yesterday came from Faiths of Eberron, which included some from Book of Vile Darkness, Spell Compendium, and a couple from that same book.

I decided to stick with the original list of Domains in the Eberron Campaign Setting since the updated doc will be focusing on content from that book specifically.

With that in mind, I've so far been able to pare it down to 16 Domains (or Domain "categories" like those in Pathfinder for Savage Worlds).

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Number of the domains in Eberron (from D&D v3.5): 78. 😱

After removing the ones already in the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion: 71. 😬

Savage Worlds doesn't have (or need) so many powers to suit that many domains, so it's time to distill.

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Man, doing powers lists is tedious. I'm going the domains route for clerics and it's like doing lists of powers for different ABs, but they're really for one AB.

Thinking about Artificer's Codex and how we can update it to bring it in line with the new Fantasy Companion. What gaps do you think there are with magic item crafting in the FC?

Wrapped up running my first ever adventure. It was a lot of fun, and the player characters were awesome! It started as an adaptation of an old D&D 3e adventure that got modified heavily after our session at the beginning. Then modified even more as the story unfolded. By the end, three of the Six from were a part of the story. Funny how your adventures can evolve into something completely different by the time you reach the end.

Additionally, I'm looking to do stat blocks for not just the bestiary, but for all of the NPC stat blocks throughout the v3.5 Eberron Campaign Setting. There are 40+. 😬

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I really want this to be the final revision, so I want to make sure I set it up right and make it as high-quality as I can. I'm aiming for even more value here. For example, I'm revamping every stat block to take advantage of the new Special Abilities available. Innate Powers brings a lot to the table in that regard, but it also brings a lot of additional work.

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Sometimes I feel intimidated by the sheer volume of content I need to revisit for Eberron for Savage Worlds, but that's a good thing in a way, because the Fantasy Companion really is offering that much.

Pinnacle Entertainment Group: Duet Game Mastering * Pathfinder KS Final Hour * Summer Showcase

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