We're closing in on our goal of having an initial stat block for everything in the Monsternomicon! 🎉⚙️🧌

These archons can do something with their Bennies that no other character can do and we think that's pretty awesome!

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So, something we're doing as we translate the Monsternomicon to stat blocks is trying to come up with unique things for special abilities. Yea, we could just shell out variations of Innate Powers or Breath Weapon but that's just kinda ... 🤷‍♂️

So, we're looking at cool ways to spend Bennies.

Example: the Menite Archon has "Swift Vengeance: When a friendly character is incapacitated the Menite archon may spend a Benny to immediately move 3” and make one attack."

Looking for an official feed of the unofficial translation of ? Well, you found it (and avoided the confusion power I just tried to activate!).

Going forward, announcements and updates regarding this on-going project will be posted here (and you might even catch an invite to online play-test sessions via ).

Get the latest version of the living documents here: mymegaverse.org/rpgs/game-mech


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